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I've been a trucker since November, 2004. Before that I was an accountant for many years. I'm having fun and actually making more than I did before. Go figure....

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rules for four-wheelers

I've been paying attention to how "four-wheelers" drive in relation to the "big trucks", those with long trailers and many more than four wheels on the pavement. I will readily admit that before I started driving a truck for a living, I thought little about it. Now, even if I never drive a truck again, I will pay the utmost attention and give every possible break and courtesy to them when I'm a four-wheeler.

In the days/weeks/months ahead, I'm going to write several pieces about how the world looks from the elevated seat in front of 75 feet of moving vehicle. I will pay particular attention to items such as clearance, visibility, turning, lane changing, construction zones, entrance/exit ramps, starting and stopping, merging, and others as they occur to me.

I hope you as a four-wheeler will learn something which will enable you to realize the difficulty the big riggers have fitting in with their smaller cousins on the road. As always, comments will be welcomed.


Blogger HaywoodJabuzzoff said...

Hey Trucker Dude!
Love your blog. As a long time four-wheeler, driving mostly subcompact gas-sippers, I have a huge respect for the Big Rigs. I know I am essentially invisible to them and endeavor to avoid blind-spots & driving on the right side of trucks. I really don't want to leave this earth squished flat as a pancake.

There really are too many arrogant & disrespectful drivers out there. I hate to stereotype, but lots of them are behind the wheels of SUVs with yellow ribbons on them. I strive to keep as far away from them as possible also, but only because too many of them are driven by idiots.

Truckers, however, I believe are the Salt of the Earth and are doing very important work by transporting goods that we all need.

Thanks for your blog, Trucker Dude, and for the work that you do!

I'll be watching for your four-wheeler driving tips.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Trucker Dude said...

I suspect that your name is really an alias :)

I've been really busy lately, for instance, last week was from Sunday 2pm until Friday 6pm away from home, and I do things when I'm at home other than just monitoring websites and email, but this jogs me into writing a short episode. Thanks for the reminder.

1:09 PM  

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