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Trucker's Journal

I've been a trucker since November, 2004. Before that I was an accountant for many years. I'm having fun and actually making more than I did before. Go figure....

Location: Midwest, United States

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

First Post

I'm a trucker now. What a change in lifestyle for someone who spent decades behind a desk pushing a pencil and using a computer. But, when life gives you lemons, you either make lemonade or watch them turn green and moldy before you throw them away.

I'd welcome comments from other truckers on their take on my writings, either to differ with me on details I may have gotten wrong or to relay similar experiences.

Since I'm on the road 7 out of every 8 days and not every truck stop has wifi access, the postings will be sporadic. Every day is out, maybe every week, but I might write every day and just post when I can.

I'm new to blogging and don't even know if I can include pictures. Well, even if I can, most will be shot while on the move and through a windshield, so don't expect Ansel Adams quality if I can do it.

Incidentally, some of you might know who I am, but I'm not exposing myself to the world here by name just in case I write something that offends my company or other truckers. I hope you understand my caution in that regard and won't share anything except the content, not my name.

Thanks for reading and happy trucking :)


Blogger Thomas said...

Hey trucker dude, it's great to see you have started this blog. I look forward to your posts no matter how sporadic.

My longtime S.O. (you probably know who I'm talking about) will be going in for surgery Friday after next - mastectomy / breast reconstruction. I got her an iPod for her birthday (which was last Sunday) so she'll have decent music to listen to during her 5-day hospital recuperation.

Anyway take care on the highway, which is already in progress!

9:12 PM  
Blogger LilBambi said...

Howdy Trucker Dude,

Great to see ya postin' from the road. Take care of yourself out there. You got friends who want to be able to see ya again soon!

Ah, driving in the moutain areas ... I love all the signs you've posted, what a great idea.

Gotta love those steep grades, huh? ;-)

As you know, we love the mountains but some of those grades are downright scary ... even in a small car!

12:17 AM  

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